About Us

Employee Ownership

Red House is differentiated from almost all other building companies in that we are one of very few worker-owned, cooperative building companies in the nation to date. When we restructured into Red House in 2003, after a successful decade as a small custom building firm, it was our goal to create a business environment that attracted and could retain top-quality employees and craftspeople. It was important to us that our employees were fully invested in their work.

Currently more than one-half of the people in our company hold ownership shares in the company. Since our inception, we have grown steadily and Red House experiences next-to-zero employee turnover. Our employee-owned structure promotes an environment which consistently values the creativity, energy and commitment of all our employees. In addition to the obvious benefits this business structure provides to our business stability, our clients ultimately benefit the most from the level of commitment that our employees bring to their job site.



We are an employee-owned company of people who share the common passion for building and creating with distinction. Over the years, we have established a very solid regional reputation because we take as much pride in the execution of our trade and craftsmanship as we do our client relationships.

The actual construction process is only part of the whole experience; we work hard to get to know our clients, their needs and approach decisions with their perspectives actively top of mind. We highly value relationships with all parties involved in a project and we operate in a manner so these relationships continue to stand the test of time, just as our buildings.

Our Work

Red House works on a broad range of projects, including new home construction, additions, renovations, light commercial fit-ups and historic restorations.

We are skilled at calibrating to the needs of the job and adhering to the budget of the project at hand. We provide professional Project Management services on jobs that need adept planning, organization and oversight, such as substantial landscape construction projects or jobs that may be more remote than our standard working area.

Most of our work is within a 90-minute radius of Burlington, Vermont including Stowe, Lake Champlain waterfront, the Mad River Valley and other areas of Chittenden county; however, we make exceptions, at times, based on certain project criteria.

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At our clients and partners request, we are frequently involved in the building and design process. We offer Construction Management Services to assist the client and design team in the initial phases of the project conception all the way through final design development. With our expertise in communication and planning, we have become well accustomed to working with out-of-area clients and architects, as well as with many locally referred clients.

It is common for clients to come to us with ideas for a project and need for a designer. In these circumstances we assist in pairing the client with a designer or architect. We are fortunate to have strong working relationships with a broad network of talented architects and designers throughout Vermont and beyond.