Historic Restoration

Red House has had the privilege to work on many historic homes and buildings in our area. We work carefully to respect the historic architectural integrity of the building, while making necessary repairs or renovations. We have received numerous awards for these projects and are regular sponsors of Preservation Burlington and Preservation Trust of Vermont.

Bayview Victorian

Project Details: Architect: Maclay Architects Interior Design: Redmond Design Landscape Architect: Cynthia Knauf Landscaper: Churchill Landscaping

21st Century technology with historic charm. Includes comprehensive re-insulation twice that of current energy codes, triple pane windows, LED lighting, salvaged and reinstalled original trim, restoration of original hardware and fixtures, conversion of attic into living space, new porch construction, garden shed, and extensive landscaping. Recently added to the Preservation Burlington register.

Shelburne Granary

Project Details: Design by Selin & Selin Architecture ; Photos: Jeremy Gantz

This is a significant renovation of a historic granary building along the railroad. Extensive structural repairs were required, while also trying to retain the original exposed framing and board sheathing. Building and renovation approaches were carefully planned to yield a high-performance building that is LEED Certified.

Historic Church

When we were first contacted in 2016 about replacing the bell tower railing of Burlington’s Unitarian Church at the top of the Church Street Market Place, we excited about an opportunity to leave a lasting imprint on one of the city’s most iconic structures. After one visit to inspect the condition of the existing railing, it was perfectly clear that access was going to be a challenge. The only way to get to the bell tower on foot was through the church lobby, up the stairs past the balcony, through a small doorway and onto a series of attic stairs, planks and ladder, and finally out a hatch onto the bell tower roof.

Working with the Church’s facility manager and our shop crew, we came up with a plan to construction the railing entirely in our shop and then crane it into place in four sections. The Church has deep-seated social and environmental values, and so we decided use only Forrest Stewardship Council certified mahogany for the construction. The mahogany had natural rot resistance qualities, is durable and holds paint well, thus assuring that the work would standup to the exposure for years.

In the end, our careful planning and execution paid off and we were able to remove the old railing and install the new one with just one crane set on a beautiful day in the spring of 2017. It remains one of the most memorable days on the job for our cabinetmakers and carpenters involved in the project.

Weybridge Historic Renovation

Project Details: Architect: Smith & Vansant Architects ; Landscape Design: Linden Landscaping ; Photos: Jeremy Gantz

This is a comprehensive renovation to a historic house in Weybridge Village.